Protect you from unexpected or planned power outages.


Will help your business keep running when the primary power source is lost.


For the smooth and constant functioning of your devices.

Substation/Transformer station

Undergoing a transformation from centralized mode to distributed mode.

The largest selection in Georgia and exclusive partners worldwide


UPS service

Certified engineers ensure the safe installation of the device, which eliminates unforeseen events in the future.

Generator Service

Our team will assist you in selecting the best option based on the specifications of your business and provide safe installation. 

Electricity supply service

Building condition audit, consulting, design, communication with energy distributors, managing installation works.

Consulting and design

planning, capacity determination, electricity distribution Network Planning, power supply planning.

Generator and UPS installation

Selection and safe installation of generators and UPS based on environmental conditions and business specifics.

Long-term service and support

All electrical services provided by qualified and licensed engineers.

About us

Who are we?

A team of young people with international level of competence in uninterruptible power supply.

What are we doing?

We provide uninterrupted power supply to the business.

Why us?

We offer solutions tailored to your business.



Everything you need to know about uninterruptible power supplies


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